About us

   Ching-te-chen tanglong ceramics co.,LTD is a wholesale factory, focus on custom-made porcelain,serve for personal product .meanwhile, it is a comprehensive ceramic production company for design,manufacture,customized as sample ,package ,sale,export and e-commerce,it has confirmed an integrity unit by consumers association for many times and the its brand has been called as a well-know tradework ,it is first brand of ceramic custom-made in Jingdezhen and owned a team of production and design for professional customization,It is NO 1 having the most quantity case and manufacturing base,innovate model of itself production base and joint veture.


Passion,customer first, Keep positive .

Rresponsibility,ask yourself for each issue.

Trust, trust yourself and everyone.

Study, one is too old to learn.

Transposition thinking, mind the world.

We have a professional services team,
Can provide you customized all kinds of Jingdezhen ceramics.

The company has confirmed an "integrity unit",and in 2015 become the general taxpayer.

We have a stable of customers throughout Europe, America, Australia,
Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

TnagLong ceramics company with a high sense of social responsibility to participate in public welfare activities.

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