Coustomized flow

Customization flow for ceramic.
Your dream ,we realize.

Tanglong ceramic company, a reliable ceramic manufacturer of Jingdezhen.

We can customize all kinds of ceramic art basins、ceramic stools、ceramic
vases as you require.

All kinds of ceramic products we customize will strictly follow the procedures.

Ensure best quality and service of the order,give customer a new experience.

       The whole effect drawing design process. The effect drawing include: two categories which are add the new pattern in existing product and customization for new product. According to the difficulty of the effect drawing, customer may need pay corresponding design fee or deposit in advance.During the whole design effect drawing process, we will modify the drawing with customer's opinion until keep the customer satisfied and get their final confirmation.

Ensure the bulk order quality.

   After the basic confirmation of initial price、craftsmanship and production period for the customized product, customer need pay sample fee before sampling( the sample fee will cut from the bulk order). During sampling, we will send the sample picture or post the sample to customer for confirmation, sample can do some modification with customer's suggestion and requirement, we will try our best to satisfied customer's customize requirements.

Both sides have reached a consensus Make the bulk order, and pay for the deposit, start with the batch production.

Pass the inspection Packing and shipping

Make sure every piece of the product qualified in quality,Then make the safe packing to ensure the quality of the bulk order Pay the balance, the product will shipping then.

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